Our Expertise extends beyond Commercial Property, and it’s what makes all the difference.

Our Approach

We combine extensive market knowledge, local insight, and a dedication to client success, making every property and transaction a unique experience. Led by former professional athlete Adam Mogg, we employ discipline, strength, and peak performance, securing exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Our understanding of property extends beyond simple transactions—we view it as a dynamic process. Property developers navigate fluctuating markets and shifting demographics, identifying opportunities even in challenging conditions. With our approach rooted in clear communication and high-end service, we are your trusted partner in the Sunshine Coast's commercial real estate market.


Making Connections, Maximising Returns – Bridging the gap between sellers and buyers to optimise returns.


Property Development

Transforming potential into profit with Property Development. We oversee every project stage, from site selection to planning, design and construction, delivering innovative solutions that maximise value and return on your investment.


Commercial Leases

Navigating Commercial Leases with ease and expertise. Our services ensure your lease terms are beneficial and sustainable, while our meticulous management guarantees smooth operations, safeguarding your commercial property investments.


Commercial Sales

Excelling in Commercial Sales, we bridge connections between sellers and potential buyers. Through strategic marketing, robust negotiation, and an extensive network, we drive successful outcomes, optimising your returns in the commercial property market.


Commercial Appraisals

Accurate Commercial Appraisals are the key to a smart investment. Our comprehensive assessments deliver reliable market values and deep insights, ensuring you have the vital information for effective commercial property market decision-making.


Commercial Consulting

Commercial Consulting tailored to your needs. Unravel the complexities of the commercial property market with expert guidance. We provide strategic insights and data-driven advice to help you make informed decisions, unlock opportunities, and maximise your investment potential.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to become the number one source for expert advice in the commercial property market on the Sunshine Coast. We strive to be the brand of choice for savvy investors looking for insightful, strategic advice and exceptional service. We aim to lead the local market in transactions, trust, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

We envision MOGG COMMERCIAL as a dynamic workspace that attracts like-minded professionals. A hub where expertise, commitment to excellence, and passion for client success are not just appreciated but are the driving forces. Join us in our journey towards becoming the definitive leader in commercial property.